Demolishing a property is a relatively straightforward task that entails different types of planning and processes to be completed. If you want to ensure that the demolition will be done safely and legally, we can help you out.

Demolishing a Property: What Are the Legal Concerns?

It is of utmost importance to take care of all legal concerns regarding the demolition of any property. First of all, you must obtain permission from your Local Planning Authority and other relevant agencies. Next, you must ensure that the site itself is secured. You should do this to keep trespassers from gaining access to the site. Otherwise, you might encounter some issues and safety hazards down the road.

Obtain all of the permits required for the demolition and be prepared for all of the procedures that need to be completed. You can also get a skip permit and an asbestos inspection before the demolition.

Planning Permission

Whether you plan to demolish an existing residential or commercial building, you should get planning permission first. Although this isn’t usually required when demolishing a property categorised as “Permitted Development,” it is still advisable to do so. After all, there can be issues if the “Permitted Development” has been restricted for an indefinite period.

Spot Any Local Wildlife

If the area for planned demolition work is located in a rural area, the local planning authority will likely conduct a wildlife survey. In instances where endangered life is spotted, there could be a delay in the demolition.

Take Your Neighbours Into Consideration

If the property that you want to demolish is attached to a neighbouring property, the process can become quite complex. The property owners near you have a legal right of support, which means that the demolition and replacement structure must support the integrity of the nearby properties.

Give a Pre-emptive Apology to Your Neighbours

The noise and mess generated during demolition can be burdensome for your future neighbours. As a form of courtesy, you can drop by and offer something as a preemptive apology if they are ever inconvenienced by the demolition nearby.

Hire Demolition Specialists such as FS Demolition

It is essential to partner with demolition specialists if you need to demolish a property. Although their services may seem pricey at first, you need to work with professionals who know what they’re doing and can accomplish the task legally, safely, and efficiently.

Prepare Your Budget

To ensure no delays during the demolition, you need to make the necessary payments on time. In line with this, you must know the overall costs to be financially prepared for the project at hand.

Prepare for the Timescale of the Demolition

An essential part of the process is to prepare for the timescale of the demolition process. You should consider various factors, such as how much the project will cost you and where you will stay if the only residence you will have before and during the demolition is the property itself.

Make Sure the Property Is Secure

During the demolition phase, you need to ensure that the property you obtained is secure. You need to keep any unauthorised personnel from entering the premises; otherwise, they could disrupt the demolition process.


There are many things to take into consideration when demolishing an existing property. As demolition experts in the UK, we know exactly what to do to make the process easier for you.

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